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Artist Statement

“I like to paint portraits the most. People model for me, and they’re all different. I want them to have different smiles, different backgrounds, different dresses that they’re wearing. I make art because it’s fun, because I can concentrate, and because I like working with my hands. First I put down a drawing in pencil, then in pen, and then watercolor paint. When I do all of the lines it’s finished. I want people to know that I made this, that this is the work I made.” -- VM


Vinetta Miller was born on November 11th, 1973 at Philadelphia’s JFK Memorial Hospital. She graduated from Penn Wood High School and Wynnewood High School before starting to make artwork at Oasis, an art studio in Philadelphia. Vinetta has worked at the Center for Creative Works in Wynnewood, PA since 2013.

Vinetta's artwork has been exhibited at the Outsider Art Fair (New York, NY), Woodmere Museum (Philadelphia, PA), ArtYard (Frenchtown, NJ), and Haverford College (Haverford, PA)

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