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programming services

CCW strives to build a holistic environment which supports our participants in creating their own

means of contributing to their communities, expressing themselves, and developing meaningful, productive lives. The services we offer are designed to support people around all aspects of those goals while keeping the focus largely within the arts. We offer a hybrid type of programming structure which includes a combination of vocational training in our professional art studios, community integration and supported employment.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment services are for participants interested in competitive employment as well as self-employment in the arts. Our Employment Specialists can assist in each step of the employment process from identifying employment interests and skills to job search, job training, and long term support. For those interested in self-employment, we also offer all areas of training and establishing a self-employed platform for work. This includes skill building in the studio vocational training program coupled with individualized supported employment in our external, integrated studio.

Community Integration

We envision CCW to be a permeable environment --not only do we invest in opportunities for people in the community, but also encourage and build community presence in our studio. Groups of participants leave our studio each day to engage with the community in many different ways. We participate in everything from arts and culture activities, outdoor activities and educational activities to volunteer opportunities. We also encourage participation from the community in our studio.

We host visiting artists who offer workshops and inspiration to our participant artists, encourage the arts community to be part of our day through bringing their own work to the studio, and engage large numbers of community members through public receptions, open houses, and exhibitions.

Vocational Training

All artists need a place to work on their craft and build inventory. Community art studios have a rich history of providing working spaces where artists can influence each other, share ideas, teach each other, and be part of a creative community. CCW offers this environment in our vocational training setting. Our participants work with professional art mentors and build skills in many areas of fine art and artisan craft. Here they can access a wide array of equipment from a woodshop and ceramics studio to a music studio. It is essential that working, supported studios like CCW exist in order to provide artists with developmental disabilities a functional studio setting in which they have the opportunity to do professional work.

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