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program services

Studio Work / Artist Development

CCW’s studios are a studio work environment for artists. Artists attending CCW can expect to have a focused professional environment to grow and develop their work in. They can expect to work with staff artists who are trained in various artistic fields and understand the needs of our participating artists and learn to use artmaking equipment and materials. Artists have opportunities with us to experiment with many artistic mediums, build artistic skills and develop their artwork and potential to be a working, exhibiting, successful artist.

Supported Employment 

CCW offers limited supported employment opportunities for artists whose dedication and commitment to their work has grown into a desire to build their own small businesses as self employed artists. Supported Employment service takes place in an external art studio, in a community setting. Artists working in this service may work part of the week in our larger studios and part in the Supported Employment studio. Under supported employment they are intensively supported by our employment specialists to work on building a more intensified artistic practice, develop products from their designs, market and sell work themselves, and manage their own work as working artists.

Community Integration

CCW is a  a permeable environment.  Like all community art studios, our artists engage the broader arts community through hosting events, residencies, collaborations and partnerships in their studio.  We encourage the community to be part of our day and engage large numbers of community members through public receptions, open houses, and exhibitions.

Engaging with the larger community is an important part of the work of artists and art studios like CCW. Artists at CCW exhibit, perform, teach, give readings, give public talks, collaborate, gain inspiration, represent themselves, sell their work publicly and engage in all aspects of artistic work and identity.

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