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Resources for Human Development

Center for Creative Works is an RHD program.

Resources for Human Development is a national human services nonprofit with the broadest possible service mission, and specializes in creating innovative, quality services that support people of all abilities and any challenges wherever the need exists. 

A values-driven organization founded in 1970, RHD serves tens of thousands of people every year with caring and effective programs addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health, homelessness, addiction recovery and more. At RHD, we're committed to the fundamental value of dignity and respect for all, to the empowerment of those we serve and our employees, and to the flexibility to meet the changing needs of those we serve and our government and community partners.

RHD’s mission is to empower people as they achieve the highest level of independence possible, building better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. RHD’s unique ability to respond to a wide variety of individual and community challenges has made us a national leader in creating and delivering elite, person-centered services in more than 160 programs in 15 states.

Find out more about RHD on their website,

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