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Our Mission

The Center for Creative Works is a progressive art studio focused on professional development and representation of neurodiverse artists. CCW supports our artists to gain social capital through artistic practice and recognizes the value in sharing the unique human experience through creative contribution.



CCW is a professional art program serving adults with intellectual disabilities. Our studios offer a wide range of artistic mediums, practices, access to equipment and rigorous engagement for neurodiverse artists. Artists at CCW may pursue many areas of artistic practice including professionally building a portfolio, exhibiting nationally and selling work.  Our work to carve inclusivity for our artists includes collaborations with neurotypical artists, visibility through professional exhibition opportunities, press and publication, and leadership opportunities.

Artistic development provides those that we serve with visible, valuable and inclusive recognition as artists in the larger community. CCW strives not only to provide neurodiverse artists with professional skills and a vocational identity, our work also provides the community with an opportunity to experience the skills and contributions of neurodiverse people. Our goal through these shared experiences is to insist on a rightful, respected presence of all neurodiverse people in an inclusive, opportunity rich society.

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