tim quinn


“On the wall of the warehouse. In my father’s office. Inside my house. I have no clue where. I start with a line that goes all around.“ – TQ


For the past six years, Tim Quinn (b. 1989) has developed a specific, line-oriented approach to composition, developing and expanding his range of mark in relation to different materials. Using a combination of calligraphy pen and ink, metallic pen, and watercolor, Quinn creates beds of mark that build inside and expand back out, revealing and obscuring passages through layering. His process is dictated by methodical line application, which remains consistent regardless the media he works with. Focusing on borders and edging, he works from the outside-in, dividing space into concentric bands or grid-like structures. The titles for his compositions always reference interior spaces and architectural structures.


Quinn works in the studio at CCW four days a week, and at a satellite community studio in Philadelphia one day a week. Earlier this year his work was in a two-person exhibition at the Jed Williams Gallery in South Philadelphia. He has also exhibited at Fleisher/Ollman, VOX Populi, Patricia Nugent Gallery, Haverford College, and Crawford Fine Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland.


Selected Exhibitions


Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY


Linear Generator: Tim Quinn & Levin Henry, Jed Williams Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

24th Annual Art ability Exhibition, Bryn Mawr Rehab, Paoli, PA

Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY


Landscapes/Seascapes/Escapes, Patricia M. Nugent Gallery, Rosemont College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Cordially Invited, Make Studio Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

Art Ability, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Malvern, PA

Outsider Art Fair 2018, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY


Drawn to Stitch, Ageless Gardens, Philadelphia, PA


VOX XII, News and Weather, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

SYMBIOSIS, Haverford College, Bryn Mawr, PA


Moore College of Art and Design, Art of Exceptionality. Philadelphia, PA

The Free Library of Philadelphia, Outside Sound. Philadelphia, PA


Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, All Different Colors. Philadelphia, PA

Material Culture, Philadelphia, PA

AIR Space Gallery, Illuminations. Philadelphia, PA

Pingle Building, Saint Louis Outsider Arts Fair. St. Louis, MO


Pageant: Soloveev, Psychadeliphia. Philadelphia, PA

Pingle Buidling, Saint Louis Outsider Arts Fair. St. Louis, MO

The Rotunda, Outside Sound: Philadelphia, PA

Lankenau Health Center, The Big Picture. Wynnewood, PA

My Room, 2017
Dad's Office, 2017
My Kitchen, 2017
My Sister's House
Untitled, 2015
Back Room, 2015
Den, 2015