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"Featuring works by Judy Barnett, Mary T. Bevlock, Paige Donovan, Cassie Flanagan, Brooke Heckler, Clyde Henry, Olubunmi Ojo, Natasha Plaza

ArtYard is pleased to present, RUGLAND, a group exhibition of punch-tufted rugs made by artists from the Center for Creative Works, a progressive art studio located in Wynnewood, PA. Produced in conjunction with a workshop lead by the textile artist and designer, Tim Eads, in August of 2019, this series of works demonstrate the dynamic nature of the medium of punch tufting."


"The medium of punch tufting has long found a home in the studios of progressive arts centers because of its both exploratory and collaborative nature. In an exhibition at ArtYard in 2019 that celebrated artists from progressive art studios from across the country, a drawing by the Center for Creative Works artist Judy Barnett served as inspiration for a punch tufted rug created by the community throughout the course of the exhibition. This rug is also included in this exhibition along with the original artwork.

The Center for Creative Works is a unique work environment with a goal of developing creative work potential and cultural identity for people with intellectual disabilities.

They combine supported studio art development with work opportunities-including supported employment options – and community programming. Participants learn and work in drawing and painting, printmaking, ceramics, woodworking, sculpture, textiles, design, music, and other media. CCW fosters individual expression and skill development, promoting their artists’ work through public exhibitions, art fairs, and other events in the community. Their fully engaged program includes many options for inclusion, growth, exploration, and development of individual talents and skills within each person. CCW is committed to realizing the potential for everyone to contribute in truly meaningful and productive ways, and to support their artists in building their cultural identity as members of their community."

Artists included in the exhibition:


Creative Growth Art Center: Joseph Alef, Casey Brynes, Rosena Finister, Susan Janow, John Martin, Paulino Martin, Peter Salsman, Christine Setzo, Gregory Stoper


LAND Gallery: Raquel Albarran, Nicole Appel, Rudy Bansraj, Garrol Gayden, Kenya Hanley, Dean Millien, James Rosa, Byron Smith


Center for Creative Works: Owen Ahearn-Browning, Judy Barnett, Mary T. Bevlock, Paige Donovan, Cassie Flanagan, Marybeth Frampton, Jenny Garrity, Ken McNelis, Vinetta Miller, Joyce Moseley, Timothy O’Donovan, Karlee Salamone, Ishmael Sutton, Karen Toff"

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