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Paige Donovan

Paige-dragon fly bucket hat.jpg

“Dots and circles. Details. Straight lines. I like them because they’re different, they pop into my brain and then I know everything about the painting.


I like painting landscapes. It reminds me of going outside in the summertime, and all the different leaves. There’s deer behind our house, they came out of nowhere. There were two or three of them. “ – PD


Paige Donovan was born in September 3rd, 1991 in Sycamore Circle in Audubon, PA. She is a swimmer and bocce ball player, and has competed in the Special Olympics for backstroke, free stroke, and breaststroke. 


Over the past ten years, Donovan has developed an original approach to painting and drawing involving intricately textured marks. Largely focused on landscapes taken both from source imagery and her imagination, Donovan develops a sense of space and distance in her compositions through a dense accrual of small shapes. Her vocabulary of mark comes from a desire to invent new and different ways of manipulating her materials – from crow-quill pen and calligraphy ink to acrylic paint – as well as an almost meditative approach to her art practice, which she continues to hone and develop every day.


Donovan’s artwork has been exhibited widely, including at the Outsider Art Fair in NYC, Crawford Gallery in Cork, Ireland, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, and ArtYard in Frenchtown, NJ. Aside from her practice as an artist, Donovan also works as a woodworking teacher as part of CCW’s TeacherCorps program. She assists in designing and implementing woodworking curricula to groups of elementary school children.

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