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Owen Ahearn-Browning

"I love doing art about different places like that place called Cynwyd Elementary School that is near the middle school I went to for three years but the elementary school I was at for only one year only for a little while.

And my artwork is also on the fact that I have always loved being a free and energized man.

I think it’s about time I enjoyed swimming in the Lower Merion High School Pool when the Chestnut Hill College Pool is gone and another thing I do art on is the different foods I still eat sometimes like chocolates or pizza I mean any of that and I also think that it’s about time I wrote about basketball at Baldwin and the Upper Dublin Swimming Place on Saturday.

I think I need to do more artwork on different old times so any way that is all so anyway thank you again for all your time and okay both ciao and bye." -- OAB

With a serious interest in story-telling and time-based perspective, Owen Ahearn-Browning creates through singing, performance art, writing, comic book-making, and drawing. His narrative thread spans time and space, pulling content from television and his own childhood with equally powerful immediacy and sense of ownership. With these cryptic , humorous drawings on note cards, a fluid feeling of connective understanding binds the viewer immediately to the work. Deceptively simple statements of objective truths are both ironic and deeply sincere. 


Ahearn-Browning’s Book about Furniture was exhibited at the 2016 Philadelphia Art Book Fair. He was part of a three-person exhibition at Arcadia University in 2022. He has performed at Philadelphia's Free Library, the Brodsky Gallery at University of Pennsylvania, and The Moth (Haverford). 


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