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Olubunmi Ojo


"Olubunmi Ojo’s here

Olubunmi Ojo in your house

Olubunmi Ojo will take a seat sit down

And no more scare


And say goodbye for all of being scare

Say goodbye Olulakima

Say goodbye for not safe for him

Olubunmi Ojo in your house


Say goodbye for Olu, au revoir dark

Olu keep practicing

Olu keep on practicing

Olubunmi Ojo’s in your house." -- OO

Olu's compositions emerge from a combined love of illustration and a diligent attention to detail. Pulling from a wide variety of cultural references -- from The Crow to Nikelodeon's Global Guts -- he meticulously creates a framework for his drawings with black ink, then applies rich color with a bed of repetitive colored pencil strokes, delicately filling each section with care. 

Olu's work has been exhibited at ArtYard (Frenchtown, NJ), Pressure Club (Philadelphia, PA), and the Outsider Art Fair (Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC).

Olu is also passionate about music, and some of his musical recordings can be heard on our Bandcamp page.

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