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Center for Creative Works is thrilled to announce our inclusion in this Spring’s NADA NYC Art Fair! Our Projects exhibition space features new work by Cindy Gosselin and Allen Yu, with a selection of additional works by David Schmuckler, Jenny Garrity, SuWon Cho, Eric Stewart, Jenny Cox, and Brandon Spicer-Crawley.


NADA’s New York art fair will showcase a diverse selection from 88 galleries, art spaces, and non-profit organizations spanning 17 countries and 37 cities including Copenhagen, Detroit, Guadalajara, Lima, London, New York, Paris, and Seoul. 


This year’s exhibitors list showcases 53 NADA Members and 31 first-time exhibitors. The fair will also feature NADA Presents, the organization’s signature programming series of conversations, performances, and events.


NADA director Heather Hubbs said, “New York City is a global art center and our home base as a gallery association. We’re delighted to continue showcasing key voices and unique presentations in contemporary art and look forward to welcoming visitors to our new location for our ninth edition this May.”

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About NADA:

"Founded in 2002, the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is a not-for-profit 501c6 collective of professionals working with contemporary art. Our mission is to create an open flow of information, support, and collaboration within our field and to develop a stronger sense of community among our constituency. We believe that the adversarial approach to exhibiting and selling art has run its course. We believe that change can be achieved through fostering constructive thought and dialogue between various points in the art industry from large galleries to small spaces, non-profit and commercial alike. Through support and encouragement, we facilitate strong and meaningful relationships between our members working with new contemporary and emerging art; while enhancing the public’s interaction with contemporary art."

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