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Lydia Thompson

CCW Wynnewood_Portraits_111_edited.jpg

“I like what I am drawing and think it looks cool. I draw hearts because it is a sign of love. Sometimes I draw a portrait of me. I like showing my drawings to people because I made them by hand, and I feel proud of myself that I’ve made lots of progress. I have confidence that I can do it.” – LT 


Lydia Thompson (b. 1992) is truly a jack of all trades, with notable skill in needlepoint, drawing, ceramic, painting, and printmaking, developing unique imagery and technical approaches in each medium. In the past few years, she has created depictions of sushi in needlepoint and ceramic, becoming increasingly more ornate and elaborate.


In addition to her signature heart patterns, Thompson is famous for her tongue-in-cheek depictions of friends and family members as cats. In 2016, she began a collaboration with artist and designer Tim Eads to create a series of custom heart printed bags, which were sold at Stadler-Kahn in Rittenhouse Square. 


Thompson has a blue belt in karate, and lives with her family in Wynnewood, PA.

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