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The Living world

This exhibtion of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and music features the work of fifteen artists working out of the studios at The Center for Creative Works (CCW). 

The Center for Creative Works is a unique art studio focusing on developing creative workplace potential and cultural identity for people with intellectual disabilities. With locations on the Main Line and in Kensington, CCW works with artists in the Philadelphia area and beyond. 

Artwork created at CCW has been embraced by the greater Philadelphia arts community and many others. Artists have exhibited work at NADA NYC; the Outside Art Fair, NYC; Outsider Arts Fair, St. Louis; Crawford Gallery, Cork, Ireland; Deleware County Community College Art Gallery; Woodmere Art Museum; Fliesher/Ollman Gallery; Pageant Soloveev Gallery; FJORD Gallery; Weird Days Gallery, NYC; the Free Library of Philadelphia, and other venues. 

The Living World is curated by Anna McGlynn.

Curator's Statement:

"I am always drawn to work that reveals each person's novel sensations and feelings around everyday objects or experiences like walking through the grass or the color patterns on a butterfly. The mundane becomes extraordinary again through another person's careful observation of being part of a world alive with detail. 

The artwork chosen for this exhibit speaks to the sense of being an observer enmeshed in a larger whole, whether it be through visual representations of animals or songs about the seasons." - Anna McGlynn, curator

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