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Joyce Moseley

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“That’s a meatball. That’s a cat. That’s a man with a sword. I make paintings about church and my life. My family.” – JM


Joyce Moseley’s work explores unique imagery from her day-to-day life – churches, quilts, and plates of food are recurring themes that appear in different configurations. Recently Joyce has developed an interest in calligraphy ink and pen, which has given her drawn line a dynamic new variation in flow and line weight. She draws inspiration from art history books as well as her family and friends. This exhibition of drawings and paintings features portraits of people and animals, as well as semi-narrative interior scenes.


Joyce was born January 29th, 1954, in Philadelphia, PA, where she continues to live with her family. She began making artwork about six years ago at Oasis, an art studio in Philadelphia. Her work has been featured in Dizzy Mag, and exhibited at the Woodmere Museum in Philadelphia. Her daughter, Lillian, is also an artist at CCW.

Barbra Streisand Series

Barbra Streisand Series Pinch & coil clay sculptures 2019

A bird

A bird acrylic on canvas 2016


Owls ink on paper 2017

Head of a Woman, 1908

Head of a Woman, 1908 watercolor and ink on paper, 2017


Cat Raku clay 2021

Decorative Plate

Decorative Plate Stoneware glazed ceramic 2021

That's an owl

That's an owl ink on paper 2016

That's a woman

That's a woman acrylic on paper 2016

Willi Baher

Willi Baher watercolor and charcoal on paper 2018

A Cat

A Cat ceramic 2017

Raccoon, meatball, cat, dog

Raccoon, meatball, cat, dog acrylic on paper 2017

A bird

A bird watercolor and ink on paper 2017

At the museum

At the museum ink on paper 2016

A bird

A bird marker on paper 2016


Cat gouache and ink on paper 2018

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