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David Schmuckler

“I do the paintings for Halloween. The best is monster blood, because monsters are killing people. I do monsters. I make paintings for Halloween. I am the director of the movie about Halloween. I do it myself. I have a lot of work to do.” – DMS


David Schmuckler has a passion for horror that runs deep in all the work he makes. A seven hour track of spooky Halloween sounds often accompanies him in his workspace, where he designs and creates a myriad of bizarre characters. He often slips into the characters he creates, and in sculptural work uses his own body as a mold for his characters.


In large format compositions with bold design elements, Schmuckler’s paintings and drawings convey an appreciation for his characters through a combination of reverence and satire. With an aesthetic that captures elements of mass-market horror and neo-expressionism, Schmuckler’s work is unique, accessible, and thought-provoking.


Schmuckler is currently focused on the character of Krampus, an evil Christmas spirit with horns and a beard.

Selected Exhibitions


Face Space:  Work by ten Artists of CCW, Woodmere Museum, Millard Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Vampire Evil Devil Demon Monster: David Schmuckler, virtual three-part video performance presented by Hook&Loop, Philadelphia, PA


Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY


Halloween, Gallery 241, Wynnewood, PA

Monster Blood, Philadelphia EyeWorks, Philadelphia, PA

Outsider Art Fair 2018, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY


Spooky Creepy Creeps: David Schmuckler, Green Line, Philadelphia, PA

You and Me, The Philadelphia Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Art Book Fair, Philadelphia, PA


Creature Feature, Weird Days, Brooklyn, NY

Philadelphia Art Book Fair, Philadelphia, PA


Tributes, University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA

Halloween (Scary You) (solo), CCW, Wynnewood, PA

Outside Sound, Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, PA

2nd Annual Art Fair, Neuman University, Aston, PA


David Matthew Schmuckler is Frankenstein Green (solo), Gallery 241, Wynnewood, PA

Check out one of David's projects, "THE SHAPE THAT KILLS (2022)" here

schmuckler swamp scarecrow (email)
Nosferatu with Blue Eyes
New Arival Halloween Party Decoration Ma
Killer Tattoo Sleeve Mask
scary halloween real life mask top halloween costume
schmuckler 1997 death studios catalog blood curdling (email)
Ghost, 2014
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