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Cory Jenkins (b. 1984) has developed a distinctive painting style that revels in the application of small, purposeful mark on the page. His paintings are simultaneously delicate and bold, created from the accrual of lines on the surface in a sensitive range of color. Cory’s work has been featured in many exhibitions in the Philadelphia area, including a show at the Nugent Gallery at Rosemont College. Cory lives in Philadelphia, PA with his family. He has worked at the studio at Center for Creative Works since 2018.


VIBRANT: Marybeth Frampton / Cory Jenkins / J. Douglas Tan, 1000 Westlakes, Berwyn, PA

Cordially Invited, MAKE Studio Baltimore, Baltimore, MD


Paint Colors: Cory Jenkins, Green Line Café, Philadelphia, PA


The Neighborhood, Harriton High School, Bryn Mawr, PA


Landscapes / Seascapes / Escapes, Nugent Gallery, Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA

Art in Rotation, Westlakes Realty, Berwyn, PA

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