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Through a combination of wrapping motions -- spinning, winding, twisting, and dropping – Cindy Gosselin (b. 1964) creates her bound sculptures with a focused, obsessive intensity. Pulling various found objects into the cocoon-like forms, from wooden spools to house keys, they continue to morph and grow until Gosselin deems them “too heavy.” The artist is blind, and her bound vessels are created entirely through her sense of touch.


Gosselin’s work has been widely collected in Philadelphia and New York. Her sculptures have been exhibited at Weird Days (now Summertime) in Brooklyn, NADA NYC, Outsider Art Fair, and Philadelphia’s artist-run galleries Pageant Soloveev, FJORD, and Spillway Collective. Her work is currently on view at ArtYard in the two-person exhibition "I Just Want to Know."


Aside from her sculpture, Gosselin has a sincere passion for music, and has performed in a number of venues in Philadelphia. She works at the Center for Creative Works five days a week, and has been working there since its founding in 2011.

Cindy Gosselin at ArtYard:

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