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Brandon Spicer Crawley Harrisburg Mural 

"The Creative Commons: Progressive Studio Practice from Creative Growth Art Center, LAND Gallery, and the Center for Creative Works. This exhibition features works from three non-profit studios influenced by the work of Creative Growth founders Florence and Elias Katz, whose radical approach to art making and inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities launched acclaimed careers and occasioned a sea change in conceptions of contemporary art. This quiet revolution allowed artists such as Judith Scott, a hearing-impaired woman with Down Syndrome who spent thirty-five years in an institution, to achieve international recognition, exhibit at MoMA, and represent the United States in the Venice Biennale after finding community, meaningful employment, and exposure to the fiber arts at Creative Growth. She was not alone."


"Works from the Center for Creative Works in Philadelphia include Mary T. Bevlock’s part geometric, part figurative colored-pencil drawings with poetic titles such as The 4th of July Aqua Fresh Tooth Paste Brush Your Pearly White Teeth Your Breathless Will Be So Clean; inviting maps and landscapes by Timothy O’Donovan; and Ishmael Sutton’s evocative blackand-white master drawings, including his arguable improvement on the Mona Lisa. ArtYard’s The Creative Commons exhibition showcases the work of thirty-one living artists, all working and practicing at these metropolitan centers.

Artists included in the exhibition:


Creative Growth Art Center: Joseph Alef, Casey Brynes, Rosena Finister, Susan Janow, John Martin, Paulino Martin, Peter Salsman, Christine Setzo, Gregory Stoper


LAND Gallery: Raquel Albarran, Nicole Appel, Rudy Bansraj, Garrol Gayden, Kenya Hanley, Dean Millien, James Rosa, Byron Smith


Center for Creative Works: Owen Ahearn-Browning, Judy Barnett, Mary T. Bevlock, Paige Donovan, Cassie Flanagan, Marybeth Frampton, Jenny Garrity, Ken McNelis, Vinetta Miller, Joyce Moseley, Timothy O’Donovan, Karlee Salamone, Ishmael Sutton, Karen Toff

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