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A versatile and improvisational artist, Brandon Spicer-Crawley (b. 1980) works with a wide range of material, including wood collage, ceramic, calligraphy ink, paper sculpture, and acrylic paint pen. His style is both free-form and carefully crafted, with recurring motifs of letters, police officers, and squiggly lines. Creating dynamic compositions of abstract shape and figurative forms, Spicer-Crawley develops an electric series of marks emanating outward, creating vibrating, dynamic spaces. 


In 2019, Spicer-Crawley had his first solo exhibition at Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia, and displayed a collection of original drawings, paintings, and sculptural work. He was also selected as one of ten artists in the international Sprocket Mural Works competition to design and paint a mural on a wall in Harrisburg, PA. Installed in August of that year, it is a 15 x 30 foot permanent installation in the historic midtown district. In 2021 Spicer-Crawley was invited to continue the mural with an additional 44 foot section stretching further across the wall.


Spicer-Crawley has worked in the studio at Center for Creative Works in Wynnewood, PA since its start in 2011. He lives with his family in West Norriton, PA. 

See Brandon Spicer-Crawley's mural here:

and here:

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