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screen printing services

Our Mission

As part of our mission to provide vocational opportunities in the arts, CCW operates a fully-functioning screen printing shop. We accept contracted print work on a regular basis on garments and paper products, as well as creating our own line of t-shirts and greeting cards. Participant artists are paid for both design work and labor, providing a means of part-time employment.

Print services can include:

  • printing with up to six colors

  • custom designs by our participant artists

  • printing on t shirts, tote bags, posters, and more!

Past clients include Not So Silent Cinema, Honey Radar, Artyard, Philly Friendship CircleJillian's Cafe, and Son Step.


  • set up fee: $25 per screen / per color

  • Printing one color: $2.50 per shirt

  • $0.50 per additional color

  • custom CCW artist design fee: $35

  • maximum number of printed products per order: 200

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