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POP! POP! POP! Records

Our Mission

In 2017, CCW launched an in-house recording studio and record label, Pop! Pop! Pop! Records. The studio has become an incredible resource for our artists, who use it to explore new methods of making music and to record, mix, and master their own compositions. Check out our Bandcamp page to hear some of our artists' work.

One of the goals of Pop! Pop! Pop! Records is to promote musicians in the community volunteering and collaborating with artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In exchange for their time we can offer discounted studio time, assistance with album art, and discounted merch production. We hope to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships to help fuel the creation of new musical projects.  Through this collaboration artists from the community will find they will learn and grow from working with artists from CCW.  


Our studio is available for rent at $25 per hour.  If you would like to volunteer or collaborate with the artists from CCW, a reduced rate will be available based on the nature and scope of your time spent at CCW.  We want you to work with our artists and we want to help see your recording project come to fruition!  If you are unsure about how a collaboration might work, we can help you through the process and it can take many different forms.


Community engagement is a strong part of the Center for Creative Works mission, so just your presence has a large impact.  For any questions please contact Paul Giess at 


For a list of equipment at our recording studio, click here.

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