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Mollie Rose collaborates with Danielle Stokes, Tim Deaton and Joey Piergiovanni to bring life to their musical visions.  Danielles words guided Mollie into creating a song that was musical influenced by Danielle's favorite artists and also fulfilled Danielles goal of bringing a positive message into the world.  With Tim, Danielle helped him bring to life a theme song for a broader vision of a world filled with "Ruinmon", and audio book Tim is writing.  Tim developed the core of his theme in an audio software soundtrap.  With Joey Piergiovanni, Danielle interacted with his visual art to develop an original composition for his piece. 

Mollie Ducoste began taking violin lessons at three years old in group Suzuki classes. She studied classically until she started college at Hampton University, at which point she began pursuing jazz violin.

She has spent the past few summers playing in New Orleans with many well-respected jazz artists, including Ellis Marsalis, Wendell Brunious, Carl LeBlanc, Charmaine Neville, and Tonya Boyd-Cannon.

A North Carolina native, Mollie recently relocated to Philadelphia to pursue a doctoral degree in criminal justice at Temple University. She hopes to one day become a criminal justice professor and influence criminal justice policy through empirical research - all while, of course, performing and playing her violin. Some of her greatest musical influences are Regina Carter, Stephane Grappelli, Stevie Wonder, and George Benson.

Peace, Love, Happiness -- Mollie Rose with Danielle Stokes
Ruinmon Theme -- Mollie Rose with Tim Deaton

Recent Memories -- Mollie Rose with Joey Piergiovanni


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