"I find museums very inspiring. I find them very interesting also. Everything about it – all the different artifacts, all the different paintings, all of that. Favorite museum is the Philadelphia Museum of Art because they have a lot of big paintings and rugs.


I love to stay focused on what I’m doing, not let anything distract me. I try to block things out by not thinking about it. I feel better about myself when I focus, it helps me try to say certain things that I don’t want to say.  I feel good about myself when I do it." -- KT

Karen Toff's most recent body of work focuses on museums of the world -- from Singapore to Berlin, Philadelphia to Kathmandu. She uses the thick, deliberate application of acrylic paint to develop rough architectural forms on the page, always accompanied by the large, bold lettering of her own name. 


Selected Exhibitions


Landscapes / Seascapes / Escapes, Nugent Gallery, Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA

OUT THE DOOR Auction, Philadelphia History Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Karen’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Among Other Museums, Gallery 241, Wynnewood, PA


DRAWN TO STITCH, Naudain Street Artist Collaborative, Philadelphia, PA

Love Park
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The White House
The Philadelphia Museum of Art