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Artist Statement:

“I was born and raised in Philly. I’ve been challenged and faced obstacles. I have a troubled family, every family goes to dark places, and we’ve managed to rise above it. 

Art came into my life when I was three and it was a healing medicine. I worked with coloring books – grey, yellow, orange, you name it, I worked with all colors. I learned how to mix paints. I have a hidden talent, ability within myself, I’ve known since I was three or four or five that I was destined to be a great artist.” 

Ron "King Art" Thompson makes drawings and paintings of a wide range of subjects, both realistic and fantastical, from his imagination and photographic imagery. His stable of characters include Super Zeus, Mr. Wax (an villain who waxes floors to make people slip, Super Zeus Girl, and Blue Boy (the next Hellboy).

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