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Clams, Flowers, Stars, & Cats-

Dancing, Soap Opera & Morning Chats


Over the course of 4 weeks, CCW artists Vinetta P. Miller, Mary T. Bevlock , Allen Yu, and Lydia Thompson worked collaboratively (and virtually!) with visiting artists Adam Lovitz and Ashley Wick, and CCW teacher Pearl Corry. With the guidance of experimental drawing exercises which included representing the formation of the world’s natural wonders, animation demonstrations, conversations of General Hospital, funny cats, mysterious sea creatures, and watching YouTube videos of Ballroom dancing, each artist found the opportunity to bring motion to their drawings.



Ashley Wick

Ashley Wick explores connections between love, longing, natural phenomena, intuition and fear. In Wick's animations and sculptures, she brings life and anthropomorphizes disembodied body parts, animals, and insects to tell her story through song and stream of consciousness story telling.  Wick applies a poetic and often metaphorical language in her painted animations and sculptures, be decoding transmissions of words and the exchange of ideas, through the usage of rhythmic language. She has exhibited in Philadelphia, New York, and Paris, France. Wick was a recipient of the Fleisher Wind Challenge, the Linda Lee Alter Award for painting, and an emerging artist grant from the John Anson Kittridge Fund.


Adam Lovitz (@adamlovitz)

Adam Lovitz brings together the personal and shared in his paintings and assemblages, seeking a charged departure from the familiar. This process attracts new relationships and layers dynamic histories. For Lovitz, it is a way to ruminate on the interconnectedness of life on this planet, translating into a material impulse that builds toward terrestrial relic and alchemical investigation.


Select venues that Lovitz’s work has been exhibited includes Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Space 1026, Fjord Gallery, Marginal Utility, Tiger Strikes Asteroid PHL, The Woodmere Art Museum, all in Philadelphia PA; Spring/Break Art Show, NY; Trestle Gallery, NY; The Painting Center, NY; Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT; The Anderson, Richmond VA; Harpy Gallery, Rutherford NJ; and Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington DE.


Lovitz  has been a member of artist-run space, Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia since 2018. He teaches experimental and representational drawing at Tyler School of the Arts and Rowan University. 


What I Like by Vinetta Miller

The Clam by Allen Yu

CHAT WITH ME: Genie Francis by Mary T. Bevlock

String of Pearls Ballroom Dance by Vinetta Miller

Fish Tongue by Allen Yu

CHAT WITH ME: Maurice Benard by Mary T. Bevlock

Flowers by Allen Yu

Flowers by Mary T. Bevlock

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