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CCW's art program involves not only personal artistic growth in the studio but professional development as well. We encourage our artists to exhibit and sell through gallery exhibitions, working with them to consider a broader audience in the community for their work. Artists receive 60% of fine artwork that is sold.

Our artists have been featured in a number of Philadelphia-area galleries and museums, including Fleisher/Ollman, VOX Populi, Bluestone Fine Arts Gallery, FJORD, Pageant:Soloveev, and the Woodmere Museum. 


For more information on exhibitions, or to view our archives, contact Exhibitions Coordinator Samantha Mitchell.




New York, NY

May 7, 2023

The Living World

Woodmere Museum, PA

June-August 2023

disco kitchen card front.jpg

Disco Kitchen

CCW Fashion show

Sept 23, 2023

“This is a picture of that thing called being Tough and Energized” at University Commons. January 2023, Philadelphia, PA Outside Art Fair 2023. March 4-5, 2023, New York, NY Spring is Coming with a Strawberry in the Mouth at Studio Route 29. March 2023, Frenchtown, NJ Pop Up Exhibition at CCW Philadelphia March - April 2023, Philadelphia, PA Open Art Socials at CCW Philadelphia Studio. March 15, 2023, Philadelphia, PA NADA New York Art Fair. May 18-21, 2023, New York, NY Spring is Coming: A Studio Route 29 and CCW Spring Concert. April 30, 2023, Frenchtown, NJ Center for Creative Works at 1000 Westlakes / Accesso Properties, Berwyn May 20- February 2023, Berwyn, PA CCW Wynnewood Summer Open House June 3, 2023, Wynnewood, PA Yahoozie! Arty Party at Center For Creative Works Philly. June 10, 2023, Philadelphia, PA The Living World at Woodmere Art Museum. June-August 2023, Philadelphia, PA Center for Creative Works x Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Art Design Store. June 2023- Current. Philadelphia, PA Dedicated to the One I love: Objects of Devotion. July 13-31, 2023. CCW Philly, Philadelphia, PA Billy Bolds Solo Exhibition at CCW Philly. August 10, 2023. CCW Philly, Philadelphia, PA Yowie Hotel Acquires CCW Art for their Hotel Rooms. August 6, 2023 Opening to Current. Philadelphia, PA Allen You in MEPAINTSME 2023. Online August 4 - Sept 27, 2023. Opening Reception at CCW Philly Philadelphia, PA Disco Kitchen: A Center for Creative Works Fashion Show. September 23, 2023. Philadelphia, PA



I Love Tony Danza

Summertime Gallery, NYC

May 7, 2022



Woodmere Museum, PA

January 8, 2022



date here

Woodmere Museum: FACE SPACE January 8- March 6, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Hook & Loop: David Schmuckler Solo Performance January 28, 2022, Virtual on Zoom Outside Art Fair March 3-6, 2022, New York, NY David Schmuckler at Filly Fool Fest April 1, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Tigers Blue Jays Trees / Jungles Branches / Green Leaves: new work by Clyde Henry at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia April 2- May 14, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Flock- Soft Sculptures, Clyde Henry Show at CCW Philadelphia Studio April 14, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Hello, It’s Me: Artists from the Center for Creative Works May 2, 2022, Haverford College, Haverford, PA Mary T. Bevlock Solo exhibition: I Love Tony Danza at Summertime Gallery May 7, 2022, New York, NY Center for Creative Works at 1000 Westlakes / Accesso Properties, Berwyn May 20- February 2023, Berwyn, PA Marybeth Frampton solo exhibition @ Philadelphia studio: Rocky Mountain High June 9 - August 5, 2022, Philadelphia, PA CCW Wynnewood Summer Open House June 25, 2022, Wynnewood, PA Everyday Heroes @ Circle Contemporary: Mary Bevlock and David Schmuckler July 14 - September 21, 2022, Glenview, IL Brandon Spicer-Crawley at CCW Philadelphia studio August 11 - October 1, 2022, Philadelphia, PA The Tools We Use at AUTOMAT August 13 - September 10, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Eric Stewart at Art at Kings Oaks September 23 - October 10, 2022, Newtown, PA David Schmuckler: Vampire Evil Devil Demon Monsters at CCW Philadelphia Studio October 13, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Cordially Invited V at Make Studio Baltimore October 14, 2022, Virtual Event and Baltimore, MD Characteristic Stories @ Arcadia University: Owen Ahearn-Browning, David Schmuckler, and Timothy O’Donovan October 18 - February 5, 2023, Glenside, PA CCW Philadelphia Studio Winter Open House & Art Sale November 19, 2022, Philadelphia, PA Art Ability at Bryn Mawr Rehab November 5 - January 20, 2023, Bryn Mawr, PA CCW Wynnewood Studio Winter Open Studio & Art Sale December 10, 2022, Wynnewood, PA


Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 2_39_13 PM.webp

CCW x Urban Outfitters


Spring 2021



Spring 2021



Date here

Outsider Art Fair January 29, 2021, New York, NY and Virtual Cindy Gosselin & Norman Dixon: Memento Mori Book Release April 21, 2021, The Place Philadelphia, PA Center for Creative Works Summer Open House June 19, 2021, Wynnewood, PA and Virtual CCW x Urban Outfitters May 26, 2021, Online CCW Philadelphia Studio Opening September 17, 2021, Philadelphia, PA Pop Pop Pop Records at Common Space October 2, 2021, Common Place Ardmore, PA Center for Creative Works Winter Open House December 04, 2021, Wynnewood, PA Miracle on American Street November 20, 2021, CCW Philly Studio Philadelphia, PA




Frenchtown, NJ

January 18, 2020




Art Yard, Frenchtown NJ


Natasha Plaza and Wendy Moreno at Ronald McDonald House January 01, 2020, Ronald McDonald House Philadelphia, PA Song of a Time January 08, 2020, Free Library of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA Outsider Art Fair January 16, 2020, New York, NY Rugland: Wall Tapestries from the Center for Creative Works January 18, 2020, ArtYard Frenchtown, NJ OUT Kelly Brown in Galerie C.O.A January 2020, Montreal, Canada Reciprocity February 28, 2020, Gallery 241 Wynnewood, PA David Schmuckler THIS MUST BE THE PLACE Book Release October 15, 2020, The Place Philadelphia, PA Center for Creative Works Virtual Open House November 30, 2020, Online


Brandon Spicer-Crawley Mural

Harrisburg, PA

September 08, 2019

KL -183-Arts Project-0G4A1172.jpg

Yo Melbourne! 

We're From Philly 

Northcote, Australia

September 21, 2019


Art Yard, Frenchtown NJ

January 12, 2019

Outsider Art Fair NYC January 17-20, 2019 New York, NY 
Hear Me? March 1, 2019 Philadelphia City Hall Brandon Spicer Crawley Gallery Show March 9- April 1, 2019 Little Berlin Gallery Philadelphia, PA Flowers: Curated by Jinie Park and Michael Evans May 3, 2019 Common Space Ardmore, PA Artlab/ Bioart: Haverford College x Center for Creative Works May 7, 2019 Haverford College Haverford, PA Colorsculptures: Jacob Berger and Jason Mcgonigle May 17, 2019 Gallery 241 Wynnewood, PA These Are All Really Cool Songs: Pop! Pop! Pop! Records May 19, 2019 Linwood Park Wynnewood, PA CCW Summer Open House June 8, 2019 Wynnewood, PA Disability Pride Week Concert at City Hall June 15, 2019 Phildelphia City Hall Philadelphia, PA Cerulean Arts’ 7th Annual Juried Exhibition June 22, 2019 Cerulean Arts Gallery Philadelphia, PA “Just Have Faith” by Tyree Jennings Album Release Show June 28, 2019 The Rotunda Phildelphia, PA Summer Sampler July 22, 2019 Ludington Library Bryn Mawr, PA Summer Editions August 9, 2019 Pressure Club Philadelphia, PA Tan Lines August 8-31, 2019 SUMMERTIME GALLERY New York, NY Linear Generator: Tim Quinn and Levin Henry September 22, 2019 Jed Williams Gallery Philadelphia, PA Main Line Art Gala September 26, 2019 The Philadelphia Country Club Gladwyne, PA Summer Dream, A Fantasy Inspired Show October 4, 2019 Gallery 241 Wynnewood, PA Outsider & Fine Art: Curious Object at Rago Auction House October 12, 2019 Rago Auction House Lambertville, NJ Worthy: Artists With Intellectual Disabilities at Rago Auction House October 15, 2019 Rago Auctions Lambertville, NJ

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